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How to choose the appropriate single magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-09-10
Single magnet, in the understanding, is a surface of magnetic magnet. But the magnet does not exist in reality, because the magnet has two poles. Magnet manufacturer in our experience, customers have to the single magnetic was used as long as one of the surface magnetic, with less than the other side, but don't want to magnetic on the other side, so just do single magnetic said. For such customers, we will explain, the so-called single magnetic is at the other end of the magnet, we take the lid, let magnetic concentrated to the other side, try to weaken it will not be on the side of the magnetism. This is the customer in the eyes of a single magnetic. Based on this situation, the customer of single magnet should be how to choose? * above, we produce the single magnetic as a professional manufacturer of magnet, we are advising clients to use the material of low performance, this can prevent damaged products in the process of using high performance, and can save cost! If you encounter any questions need to consult on single magnet, can contact our magnet manufacturer! Our magnets will be detailed answers for you!
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