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How to customize gift box magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-09-09
Gift box magnet you listen a lot of people know that the magnet is used in the above box, packing box in our life application is very extensive, is closely related to our life. Around us there are all kinds of box, wood products, there are plastic products and other types of products. However, we found these boxes in when using these boxes are used magnets to absorb, and then got the gift packaging lifted the lid, as to the magnet, we ever wonder, so live a small magnet can suck? The magnet production with many years manufacture experience, the dongguan magnetoelectric magnet manufacturer to tell you that strong ndfeb magnetic magnetic force is very strong. Above for gift box, packing the magnet in the gift box above the magnet magnetic absorption is enough, and not easily burst open. Custom of gift box magnet, the magnet manufacturer in our eyes, it seems, is our common magnet manufacturers. If you have any questions in the gift box magnets, magnet manufacturer can CALL us, have what not understand can ask us! Company address:
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