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How to define the performance of the magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-09-17
Mainly has the following three performance parameters to determine the performance of the magnet: remanence Br: permanent magnets by the saturation magnetization to technology, and remove the external magnetic field, the retention of Br is called residual magnetic induction intensity. Coercive force Hc: make the saturation magnetization to the technology of permanent magnet B down to zero, need to add the reverse magnetic field strength is called magnetic coercive force feeling, or coercive force, magnetic energy product BH: represents the magnet in the air gap space ( Two pole magnet space) The magnetic energy density, air gap the magnetostatic energy per unit volume. Due to the product of the energy is equal to the magnet Bm and Hm, so called magnetic energy product. Magnetic field: the space of magnetic pole magnetic action of magnetic field on the surface of magnetic field, the magnetic induction at the location on the surface of a permanent magnet
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