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How to determine the magnet pole surface? Magnet manufacturer to tell you

by:Maghard      2020-08-31
How to determine the magnet pole surface? Magnet manufacturer to tell you the magnet how to distinguish the N pole and S pole, without the help of the auxiliary equipment we all are unable to distinguish, so our magnet manufacturer can touch by gauss meter in its surface, then device will automatically identify the touch the direction of magnetic pole, and then we can easily determine the opposite poles, indirect can determine which one is the poles. For this situation, we in front of the magnet magnetic, we can use the device to judge, but if there is no magnetic magnet, how do we determine the magnetic suction surface? Below we magnet manufacturer to explain. First one is through the appearance size is analyzed, the maximum powerful magnets are by side as the pole surface, unless is a special custom, belongs to the magnet pole surface size can distinguish between the naked eye. But there is a square, the direction is the same, the naked eye could not judge and distinguish the size difference. So magnet manufacturer we can get a powerful magnet with magnetic magnet of no magnetic magnet, then observe the absorption in the side with the powerful magnet, is sucked so side of magnetic pole surface, rather than the opposite also for the pole surface, the other side are side, can't use the left N or S pole. Although the pole surface looked at seems not very important, but for some specific products, to the pole surface has certain requirements. If not judge good pole surface, it is easy to cause the product in the process of production losses, for we are professional manufacturer of magnet products to distinguish between the pole surface, we generally don't recommend customers to use square, are recommended to the naked eye will be able to determine the pole surface size difference. If you are looking for magnet knowledge what they don't understand, you can contact us consulting yo, yo magnet manufacturer we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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