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How to find the dongguan magnet factory customized magnet - The magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-02
How to find the dongguan magnet factory customized magnet - Magnet magnet customization should be how to do, some have magnet needs of customers will have some hazy concept, how the magnet is a custom? In choosing a customized magnet magnet manufacturer, has the following several aspects need to be aware of, customize the size of the magnet, the electric plating and the magnet performance. Of course size is fixed and performance are specified requirements, such as on the plating is not specified requirements, can be based on cost control or cosmetic requirements to coordinate electroplating. Magnet manufacturers can according to customer demand for magnet appearance for appearance color adjustment, plating the effect you want. The dongguan magnet manufacturer what can choose custom magnets? Magnet can be divided into, according to the requirement of the magnets custom, magnet and ordinary magnets, resistance to high temperature corrosion resistance and ordinary conventional magnets such as difference, these are need to customize according to customer requirements. So the magnets custom, must want to clear the magnet used in what respect, whether to need to work in high temperature environment, these details to a magnet manufacturers custom magnets is very important. Magnet high temperature resistant, can let the magnet is more stable in high temperature environment to use time, to ensure that it can work normally.
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