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How to identify the magnet samples whether high temperature? ( Magnet manufacturers]

by:Maghard      2020-08-31
How to identify the magnet samples whether high temperature? ( Magnet manufacturers] Magnet, in our daily common, also very many different kinds of magnets. Magnet manufacturers often encountered in our customers said that according to my sample to make goods, such a word, although this sentence is very common in a word, but in the eyes of our magnet manufacturers are very cautious, why do you say that? First the magnet is a magnet which have normal room temperature and high temperature magnet of the two points. The average user is to use ordinary conventional magnets, namely according to customer requirement to do. But some customers have special requirements, need high temperature resistance, the resistance to high temperature is more often used in the industries of motor. If the customer do not inform the heat resistance of the product is only for sample temperature, our these magnets manufacturers we don't know the samples of the magnet is high temperature resistant, when production is easy to produce high-temperature magnet do not conform to the requirements of the customers. Magnet manufacturer we will ask the customer after testing the performance of magnet products use temperature requirements. If a customer told to high temperature or the product is applied to the motor, so we as a professional magnet manufacturer will conclude that customers use the magnet requirements for high temperature environment, production magnet will let customers to use high temperature materials to produce. Through the interpretation of the above, we want to know whether the magnet for the magnets, we can through the high-end instrument for testing, or by customers to use the environment to determine whether a magnet samples for high-temperature magnet!
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