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How to judge ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring performance is good or bad

by:Maghard      2020-08-15
Product table magnetic ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring to measure the circular performance is good or bad, nor from ferrite magnetic multipole magnetic ring watch to test the performance of a product, because the ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring itself belongs to the pole differentiation of a product, a product will be same as the number of the magnetization of magnetic and detect the different tables, so, to detect a ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring is qualified, must through the product performance test. We all know that every magnet has a variety of brand performance, performance of each type of magnet products have difference on the magnetic properties, and the performance between the biggest difference is the difference on the magnet magnetic, the same specifications of the magnet will affect magnetic because of differences in product performance, the most obvious is the table on the magnetic difference, however, from the long-term practice, reflected in one of the most obvious problems in magnetic cannot measure the magnet magnetic table can be good or bad, so need to explain, magnet magnetic only unilateral product table shows that the product of the magnetic field strength of a magnet.
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