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How to judge the performance of the magnet is magnet manufacturer? ( Magnet]

by:Maghard      2020-08-27
How to judge the performance of the magnet is magnet manufacturer? ( Magnet] The design of the magnet, magnetic force, there are all kinds of differences that we are all have certain cognitive. However this magnet there are so many differences, we should be how to judge the performance of the magnet? As an experienced magnet manufacturer, of course, it was easy. But when a little experience, to judge the performance of the magnets, is more difficult. Why do you say that? Circular magnet samples first, experienced magnet manufacturers are generally exposed to all kinds of magnet, shapes and even within a certain range of basic contact with various sizes, through previous data speculate, and then combined with real size for evaluation. Then how do we magnet manufacturer to evaluate performance of magnet? Our magnet manufacturer can make the size of the product quantity, the following circular piece of magnet, for example, we measured the wafer first magnet, and then use our magnet manufacturer dedicated gauss meter to gaussian measurement of magnet, choice the commanding heights, measuring magnet below the magnet manufacturer by the commanding heights of the magnet, and combining with the actual size of the product, then you can calculate the performance of this magnet material grades, through the above explanation, you probably know that's the number of magnet material performance now how to calculate? If it is not very good, you can contact us consulting yo magnet manufacturer.
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