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How to make a strong magnet daily maintenance

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
Powerful magnet before manufacturing is not unified fixed shape, when become magnets are not even equipped with magnetic, because there is no magnetic, magnetic materials for the shape of a powerful magnet is after synthetic processing can produce fixed shape. Such as: strong magnet in the square strong magnet. Rectangular magnets in the shape of the magnet is larger, the probabilities of practical and choose a different material for daily maintenance and rectangular magnets have different effects. In order to better protect the square powerful magnet equipment and machinery, such as the phase of magnet products need to pay attention to the following two points. 1. No matter what material made of square powerful magnets, are all have the same properties of hard and brittle. May be some people don't understand, what will hard brittle? This is very simple if you have a rectangular magnets you can give it a try. Using ordinary iron products in the square magnet surface force, also can draw the walls white mark, and for the use of rectangular magnets and no impact, this means that the square magnet material is very hard. But said it is very fragile, we all have experiences, may inadvertently on the ground, square magnet will break into pieces, this is because the square magnet material form is not merely composed of metal elements, so attention should be paid to prevent knock against on maintenance, split or filler filling can be effective protection. 2. We all know that most of the magnet main components are composed of iron, and iron prone to rust problem, contact with chemicals also can appear to be corrosion. So in the powerful magnets on the maintenance of and pay attention to the dry environment and health, in contact with chemicals, or unified storage, separately store is a good choice.
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