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how to make magnets for kids

by:Maghard      2020-02-24
If you want to know how to make magnets, this article will show you how to turn magnetic materials into temporary magnets using stroking, inductive, and electrical methods.
Before we discuss how to make magnets, you need to know some basic concepts about magnets and magnetism.
Magnetic is the pulling force of the .
Magnets are special metals that can attract other metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt and steel.
These metals attracted by magnets are called magnetic materials.
All magnets are North.
Antarctic and Antarctic-pole.
Magnets found in nature are called lodestone.
Someone else-
Permanent and temporary .
Permanent magnets are your horseshoe-shaped magnets, Velcro magnets and other magnets of shape and size that do not easily lose their magnetism over time.
On the other hand, temporary magnets can easily lose their magnetic properties.
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