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How to minimize the electromagnet radiation

by:Maghard      2020-09-26
'close touch is a big fear: many mobile phone users in May when answering the phone dialing, single magnet like magnets with ears close to perhaps mobile phone antenna, in order to can communicate with each other more clearly, but the mobile phone electromagnetic radiation intensity is inversely proportional to the interval, which is said the interval of mobile phone and one body from 1 cm closer to zero. 5 cm, and its influence on progress. Connected in a flash to 'pay attention to: simple mobile phone puts through the electromagnetic moment release cancer, so, when the phone rang a second to listen to the phone. Can't call 'never pause: research indicated, the user in succession after answering the phone more than 1 hours, the possibility of DNA fission is highest, that is let's resistance is the worst time. To 'poison' poison attack: pepper: according to medically confirmed found that chili is a natural to sterilization, improving immune ability of useful weapons, people only eat chili can improve the body's immune ability, and enhance the influence of outside electromagnetic radiation on the body. According to the latest research found, red pepper, black pepper, curry, curcumin, and so on spices, also can directly as a protectant against radiation. Open 'shield' : green tea: the university of Hawaii has appeared, single magnet drink more green tea may play an important role in preventing radiation. Research found that the more fat polysaccharide is contained in tea, and lipopolysaccharide can improve airframe hematopoiesis function. The body writing after lipopolysaccharide, in a short period of time can enhance the body's nonspecific immunity. Drinking tea can usefully prevent radioactive substances into the body. 'ronin ratholes' is a powerful, usually eat more fruit and vegetables, especially the single magnet foods rich in vitamin B, such as carrots, kelp, rape, cabbage and liver etc. , is helpful for adjusting human body's electromagnetic field on the imbalances, add the body's resistance to electromagnetic radiation pollution. / dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, magnet manufacturers, special-shaped magnet
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