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how to : noob-proof your electric guitar with this undetectable magnetic jack lock

by:Maghard      2020-03-05
The guitar is double. edged sword.
I \'ve been playing all my life, and even though I like guitar playing, there are quite a few people I can\'t hear playing anymore --ever.
Paradoxically, people who seem less nimble and dedicated to practice are more likely to be the culprit in creating blockages, blowing out my amp, and destroying a very good Nirvana song.
Luckily I came up with a way to make my guitar look funky while making it freshproof.
The secret is the magnetic switch hidden inside the guitar body, which controls the output jack connected to the guitar amplifier.
That\'s it!
My First Guitar!
I dropped it on the hard floor and the shell broke to reveal the soft wood in the lower left corner.
This is a devastating day for the middleschool-Will.
Step 1: guitar SurgeryTo gets the wires inside the guitar and you need to open the compartment that holds the guitar cable jack.
Using a regular Phillips
The head screwdriver removes the board where the output connector is located.
It looks like there is only one wire here, but there is actually a bare ground wire and a white signal wire, all covered in a gray sheath.
On top, the white wire and the bare wire meet in the gray sheath.
The bare wires are easy to use, so we will describe them from the terminals on the jack.
Step 2: Weld and look at the reed switch below.
The components are glass vacuum tubes and two tiny metal contacts are not in contact with each other.
When the magnet approaches the reed switch, the contacts bend and meet and complete the circuit!
The reed switch is very easy to weld for something so complicated.
They have long, flat, flexible leads.
Weld the switch between the bare wire you just unwelded and the terminal that is now empty on the jack.
Above, the reed switch is well welded to the jack.
Step 3: turn it off and screw the board containing the cable Jack back to the guitar surface.
The passerby will never doubt that this is an extraordinary guitar!
Step 4: start the operation right away, just hit a magnet on the surface of the Jack board and your guitar will open!
Make sure it\'s plugged in.
If it doesn\'t work, try positioning the reed switch closer to the face of the panel. There you go! Noob-proof guitar.
Of course, you can use this hack technology for any power device you want to have your own.
What will you do with it?
Don\'t forget to post below if you have any comments or suggestions.
As always, feel free to ask questions or post topics on the forum and leave me a message in person.
Don\'t close the power sharing area too fast now.
If there are electric sheep, they need habitat.
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