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How to prevent are powerful magnets task? Magnet manufacturers to share to you

by:Maghard      2020-08-23
How to prevent are powerful magnets task? Magnet manufacturers give you share a powerful magnet, the sound of the name will know that this is a strong magnet, why do you say that? Let's share for you under strong magnet manufacturers raw materials is composed of ndfeb rare-earth sintered magnets, the magnetic performance relative to other material is relatively strong, however, strong magnetic will have a lot of problems need to be aware of. If the magnet piece is bigger, with more careful when you need to, because the magnetic force is too large is easy to put the other magnets, which may lead to a task. And we were pried magnet, must be very carefully, by moving the magnet to the edge, then slowly release, is to prevent the magnet magnetic suction back to by hand, because of this you do not pay attention to the details, hand caught to easily. So powerful magnets on time and pull open the need to be extra careful. Through the above, we magnet manufacturers to share, you know a powerful magnet part items? If you have questions just contact us yo magnet manufacturers.
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