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In summary the development of the technology

by:Maghard      2020-09-15
Ndfeb magnetic material is made of neodymium, iron and other elements of the alloy composition, also called magnetic steel. Ndfeb material contains a lot of neodymium and iron, its characteristics of hard and brittle, surface oxidation corrosion very easily. At present, Japan is the world leader in high performance ndfeb magnet production, including Hitachi is the world's largest high-performance ndfeb permanent magnet materials manufacturers, the developed magnetic energy product of 59. 5 mgoe, is by far, the international public reporting of magnetic energy product of the highest level of sintered ndfeb magnet. German company VAC by constantly improving production technology and the adoption of new metal, developed magnetic energy product is 56. 7 mgoe high performance ndfeb magnets. But our country is developed at the end of 2006 the maximum magnetic energy product is 56. 0 mgoe ndfeb magnets, is the domestic public reporting of magnetic energy product of the highest level of sintered ndfeb permanent magnets. The level of high performance ndfeb magnet magnetic largely determine in the production process of the products. Traditional high performance ndfeb production process by dry process of Japan's sumitomo and Japan's Hitachi represented by wet process, two kinds of technology products can be oxygen control at about 2000 parts per million. In order to further reduce the oxygen content, through continuous improvement, the combined NEOMAX ( In 2007 Japan's Hitachi and Japan's sumitomo combined developed low oxygen dry process, the oxygen content of product can be controlled in 1000 - 2,000PPM. At present, the domestic developed anaerobic technology, advanced production technology for oxygen in the magnet can be controlled in 100 - 900 parts per million (PPM) range, has reached world leading level.
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