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In the process of using powerful magnets in maintenance problems

by:Maghard      2020-10-04
Powerful magnet when use, there are a few points are must pay special attention to, such ability can better play its use effect, so need to pay attention to what? A. Powerful magnets in use process, be sure to package the workplace clean enough, otherwise he is easy to absorption iron magnetic particles will affect use. If is ndfeb material, it is hard and brittle, the characteristics of suction at the same time also can reach more than 600 times their own weight, very easy to absorb and clash. So we are in the process of operation for small specification so try to avoid knock against breakage, if it is a large size, so more attention should be paid to the personal safety and protection. 2. Powerful magnets during storage, must try to keep indoor and ventilated, dry, or wet environment is very easy to let the magnet to produce rust. And environmental temperature do not exceed the maximum work of magnet. If there is no plating product suggest appropriate coating antirust oil during storage, the magnetization products and storage must be far away from the disk, magnetic card, tape, computer monitors, watches and other objects of all sensitive to magnetic fields. Another magnet material is brittle, in transport, plating ( Plating) , the installation process, it is important to ensure that the magnet from a violent collision, once the improper method, are particularly likely to cause the breakage of the magnetic, split, and a magnet magnetization state transportation, also remember to shield, particularly in air transport, must remember completely blocked. Three, when two powerful magnets together can be heated to a temperature of about two hundred degrees Celsius temperature, under the temperature of magnet magnetic greatly abate, magnet attraction between will reduce a lot, so it is easy to separate the stick together two pieces of the powerful magnets, a powerful magnet to the highest working temperature is 300 ℃, so it cannot be heated to above 300 ℃, 200 ℃ is enough. Magnetic can diagnose not only, and can help to treat disease. A magnet is ancient Chinese medicine blindly medicine. Now, people use different components in the blood magnetic difference to separate white blood cells and red blood cells. In addition, the interaction between magnetic field and the body meridian can realize magnetic therapy, has a unique role in the treatment of many diseases, there have been magnetic therapy pillows, magnetic therapy belt, etc. With magnet is made of iron remover can remove flour etc of the iron, at the end of the magnetized water can prevent boiler scale, magnetic seeds can improve crop production to some extent
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