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India's ambition to replace China into the world of rare earth eldest brother

by:Maghard      2020-09-23
Last month as the government adjust the rare earth policies, strict control of exports of rare earths, serious damage to the interests of developed countries, caused their discontent, therefore they concerted attack against China, in an attempt to force the Chinese government to give up the export of rare earth's strict requirements, to a large number of exports of cheap rare earths, so as to satisfy their growing economic demand, but China never compromise to western countries for their own interests, both sides will cause a lot of contradictions. In order to force China to export cheap rare earths, western countries racked his brains always take China there is no way, either coerced, or political lobbying, did not obtain satisfactory results, therefore, on October 27, the American secretary of state Hillary Clinton & middot; Clinton and Japanese foreign minister seiji maehara 27 held bilateral talks in Honolulu, Hawaii, us, to discuss the problem of rare earth, finally, the two sides reach an agreement, declared that the us-japan consistent action on rare earths, agreed to cooperate, realize the diversification of rare earth import channels. In order to get rid of the dependence on Chinese rare earths. According to the Reuters on November 8th, India has announced plans to restart production, as a long-term strategic move is meaningful, but India is only can make up for China's rare earth export decline brought about by the part of the market gap. Due to the environmental problems caused by the rare earth extraction and its supply demand, China has announced this year will be gradually cut export quotas. India is now avail ourselves of this pace is gearing up to restart mining, plans to invest $31. 9 million to build 5000 tons of production capacity, the factory, by 2012 is expected to put into production. India, head of the national maritime foundation strategic affairs think-tank UdayBhaskar said, 'the key, whether India can become the outcome will depend on how fast it can speed recovery production and increase production capacity. 'he also talked about the government of India in the future is the role of the possible global rare earth supply. He said: 'I expect a short period of time in India will not become important rare earth supplier. But India should develop in this area, because in principle it should not be dependent on China and other countries. 'if the Indian government to vigorously develop the mining of rare earth mining, I believe that India in the near future will be more than to become the world's largest supplier of rare earth in China, if the wish come true, will be a milestone for India, its implementation will allow India to the power of a dream and a huge step forward, because is a kind of rare earth high-tech products of raw materials, has a great strategic resource, is an extremely control of rare earths is largely about other countries' domestic and foreign affairs, rare earth can become a bargaining chip between countries, and have a lot of damage. No matter what the Indian government to do, we should give our defeated by a chance, don't get that first, let's old let always like to compare himself with China three o blush with shame! We should also let India happy! For so many years, we should also give point face India! Let him take a the world happy! The author is strongly recommended that countries must strictly control of rare earth in the future, must not wanton exports of rare earth, for the sake of our nation's revitalization and developed, let us work hard together! Contact us company name dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. : 86 0769 81313183 contact: Mr Mo mobile phone: 13826919856 preach true: 86 0769 81313568 to address: China guangdong dongguan dongguan city based wangniudun town pier five chung industrial zone of the magnet, powerful magnets, magnet manufacturers, special-shaped magnet
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