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induction range uses magnetic energy to heat and cook foods

by:Maghard      2020-03-07
One super-
Complex cooking methods have been around for years, but have failed to gain a large number of followers among consumers.
This is the induction range, no flame coil-
There are fewer cookstoves that generate heat by magnetic properties.
The person who owns the device is very happy, but it is difficult for other possible purchasers to be classified as a fanatic pursuit of the device.
In fact, this particular product is actually unknown.
Manufacturers do not seem to be active in promoting this revolutionary magnetic cooking method.
Even Sanyo in Japan makes private labels for some big companies
Name the induction brand in this country and prefer to stay away from the spotlight without your own retail label.
Cooking with magnetic energy is fast and energy efficient. It\'s cool.
\"It won\'t burn your money,\" said a home appliance demo . \".
To prove this, he opened a dollar note (
If you are skeptical about unexpected effects, you can do this with paper towels)
Between a pot of water and an induction burner.
He then touched an electronic control panel and the water boiled after a few seconds;
Money is warm but never a flame.
Induction cooking does not heat the surface, while the traditional gas or electric stove heats the surface to heat the pot. Jenn-Air Corp.
Explanation of energy
The preservation method is as follows: \"The solid state power supply causes the induction coil located under the glass (or tile)
The ceramic surface produces a magnetic field that senses current in a magnetic cooker.
Therefore, the molecules in the cooker move back and forth quickly, causing the cooker to heat up.
\"According to Ann Vaughn, director of consumer and public relations at Jenn, the system is not newAir.
\"Induction used about 1890 in industry when melting metal,\" she said . \".
\"However, only in their 70 s did the development of Solid State Circuits make home cooking practical.
\"Cleaning is a breeze.
\"I threw away my eternal stove --
\"Cleaning problem\" is a common comment for induction cooker owners.
A housewife from Arcadia, Ingrid colper, who bought a Fasar unit six years ago, said: \"The cleaning part was sold to me;
It\'s easy to wipe it clean.
I won\'t change the stove. . .
Especially when you have a big family.
\"Then, when you hear the praise of a satisfied customer, the downside is:\" It\'s amazing. . . .
I like it, like magic. . . .
I can\'t believe speed. . . .
It opens and closes like a gas stove. . . .
Other forms seem too outdated. . . .
I will never go back to the old way.
\"The biggest downside is the cost. Average 4-
The cost of the burner induction cooker is at least three times that of the conventional coil. And a top-of-the-
The cost of the Line brand can be as high as 10 times, excluding the installation cost.
Another callback is the limit of the cooker.
Induction cooking may not work for you if you prefer glass, pure copper and aluminum cookware.
However, the requirement for a black or magnetic pan is not actually as difficult or expensive as it sounds.
Just take the magnet stick to the store and put it under the pot and you\'ll be surprised to find quite a few pots to use.
Many of them don\'t have to be tall
The owner has found a reasonable induction distance for the price.
\"I have an old stainless steel cooker set and I think I bought it 20 years ago for $49,\" said Linda Avignon, a dental practitioner at Manhattan Beach who owns fas
\"I hope they don\'t work so I can get a brand --
New, but later found magnetic.
\"Unfortunately, the induction cooker has received a false reputation for being confused with the old white ceramic glass stove.
This product is still available and has received a lot of negative reactions from consumers due to its poor cleaning properties and low heating power.
Many new units use black ceramic glass, and the smooth material is able to resist scratches, stains and soil by improving the technology.
Here are some sensing ranges available in today\'s home appliance market: crop cream and Fasar, the most expensive production line (
Set and Reset on behalf of quick action)
The working speed is twice that of the traditional electric furnace.
Introduced by an electronic engineer about 10 years ago, the device has been improving for many years and has provided high
2,000 watt electric cookingelements.
Fasar Ultima 1v by four 12-
Square tiles in regular or beautifully decorated inches that can be customized
The design is coordinated with the color and decoration of the kitchen.
Unless carefully observed, it seems that the kitchen with Fasar these neat tiles is in-less.
Cooking tiles can be arranged in a variety of ways, or can be placed in various places in the kitchen, or anywhere in the house that is needed.
\"My three tile burners were put on the countertop together, but I installed the fourth burner in the breakfast area;
\"There it is also a warm plate,\" said Avignon . \".
\"I prefer this stove to gas, because I can really reduce the heat without burning soup.
\"Koeper with Fasar loves the spacious space created by Fasar countertops.
Her husband installed it in an island cupboard with granite tops instead of tiles.
\"The top of the stove has never really gotten hot, which is safe for my kids and has a code to unlock the power so that the electronic controls don\'t get messed up.
The control center of Fasar is set on a square plate of ceramic glass with speed control from 1-half (
Hardly heat food or soften butter)to seven (for deep-fat frying)up to nine (
For Brown Ning and searing). The Jenn-
The air conversion induction cooker consists of two burners in size.
It is a cartridge group and is one of the options to insert any Jenn
Air conversion cooktop or grill series manufactured since 1977.
The device is made of black glass ceramic and has a vessel sensor that signals whether the magnetic vessel is not on the power unit or whether the vessel is not magnetic.
Thermal sensors can prevent overheating.
There are 72 to 1,200 watts in the small cooking area and 120 to 2,000 watts in the large cooking area.
Induction cooktop box got the highest rating in Jenn-
Air himself compares the performance of four electric cooktop surfaces, such as traditional coils, solid elements and glass ceramics.
Three kitchen tables
A set of cooking utensils.
Kenmore induction cooker from Sears has a black glass ceramic with three 1,300-
Watt coil and a 1,700-
The Watt coil, known as Power Plus, is used for the fastest cooking and maximum load.
It has 10 power levels and special low settings for melting chocolate and heating.
There are stoves in 30 and 36 inch.
GE\'s solid state induction IV
Black glass ceramic burner with linear design and brushed chrome decoration has 10-
Set the control panel.
It has two, eight. and six-
The red circle indicates the heating area of the inch surface.
Like most induction units, no heat is generated unless the appliance is placed in the cooking area. Portable one-
The burner induction cooker with glass ceramic cover plate has fallen sharply since its launch a few years ago.
Some of the things available are GE, Sears (
From directory only)
And Magna from all-Clad.
The apartments, dormitories, campers and boats are easy to use and the space is large.
They are perfect for additional burners as a party preparation and dining area.
The limit for these portable cookers is low power, usually up to about 1,300 watts.
The good features to look for are sensors that prevent accidental heating of small metal items such as knives, forks and spoons, bee bees that make sound when the pot is out of time, and thermostat controls.
According to Larry Barron, president of the Burbank California kitchen, when buying a cooker, although the magnet test is a good indication of a viable pot, it may not be complete.
A good pot, when filled with a boast of dehydration and put into induction, should boil in no more than five to six minutes, he said.
Looking for the right cookware, looking for a cooker made of a combination of magnetic stainless steel, cast iron, painted Baotou Steel, porcelain on steel, some carbon steel and these materials.
The cast iron is cooked more slowly and therefore may need to be adjusted to a high power setting, while the thinner enameled stainless steel may require a lower power level.
Do not use pots less than 4 inch at the bottom.
For foods that need to be heated even without stirring (
Fried eggs, French toast or pancakes)
Avoid using a frying pan with a diameter of more than 10 inch.
Specially made for the induction series, but can also be used on a regular stove, is all-Clad. The sleek five-
One set includes three.
Two pots of sand covered.
Quart covered pan and 10-inch skillet.
Each one is unique with seven
Laying structure of magnetic and conductive layers.
It has a permanent stainless steel interior and some external aluminum layers that can spread heat faster.
Magna core is a brand that uses this metal combination in induction cooking.
Thelma Presman, director of consumer services at Sanyo, has been working with induction cookers for many years and believes the series has a big future.
\"It\'s a beautiful technology,\" she said . \"
\"If the technology belongs to the human world, it will move much faster.
Unfortunately, women don\'t like to change when they are comfortable with something.
\"The recommended retail price for the Fasar series starts at $2,995 and is offered by California kitchen. in Burbank. The Jenn-
The recommended retail price of air-sensing cartridges with cookware is $599, available at Circuit City, Snyder diamonds in Santa Monica, and Pacific sales in Torrance.
The regular retail price of Sears induction cooker is $799. 99 for the 30-inch and $849. 99 for the 36 -inch (
View catalog sales for a lower price).
The portable Kenmore induction cooker available through the Sears catalog costs $129. 99 .
The Great Western television station in Los Angeles offers a GE stove for $950;
The price of portable devices is $139.
All Magna series-
The proposed retail price for Clad is $250;
The recommended retail price for Magna core cookware is $180.
At Robinson\'s.
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