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Injection products magnets on how to choose?

by:Maghard      2020-08-21
Injection products magnets on how to choose? Injection products in every aspect of our lives are basic as you can see, and the types of injection molding products, application is very broad. We are when using these injection molding products, occasionally find some injection products is a magnet inside, we were surprised to feel how the magnet is installed? * magnet sample injection products magnet is actually in the injection molding is installed inside, the other is in the case of a injection well, leave a placeholder for magnet. Magnet manufacturer below to tell the differences between the two magnets in the injection molding products. During injection molding magnets has built in it, as a professional manufacturer of magnet would suggest that you use high temperature material properties of magnets built in molding with injection products, at this time, if you don't choose high temperature material magnet, so it is easy at the time of injection molding because temperature is too high, cause magnet demagnetization. When reserve position to install the magnet of injection products, this can be selected according to the requirement of the product to the magnet, so that you can not choose high temperature material properties of the magnet. And reserve position can be replaced at any time the performance of the magnet, in order to achieve better for later maintenance. Through the explanation, you now know the magnet on the injection molding product how to choose? If you still don't know much about it, just contact our magnet manufacturer.
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