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Introduction to the classification of the magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-13
The classification of the introduction to the magnet magnetic material materials mainly include two categories: the first is the permanent magnetic material ( Also called hard magnetic) : the characteristics of the magnetic material itself has set. The second is soft magnetic ( Also called electromagnet) : need outside power to produce magnetic force, we mean the magnets, generally refers to the permanent magnetic material. Permanent magnetic material has two categories: the first major categories are: magnet permanent magnetic materials (including rare earth permanent magnet materials Ndfeb Nd2Fe14B) , samarium cobalt ( SmCo) , nickel and cobalt neodymium ( NdNiCO) 。 The second major categories are: ferrite permanent magnet material ( Ferrite) According to the different production process can be divided into: sintered ferrite ( 烧结铁氧体) , bonded ferrite ( Rubber and plastic magnetic Rubber all) , injection ferrite ( Zhusu Ferrite) , the magnet process on the basis of the magnetic crystal orientation of the three different each divided into isotropic and different sex magnets. / dongguan xiang xin magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, magnet manufacturers, special-shaped magnet
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