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Iron ore in vanadium titanium magnetite and process

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
Due to containing vanadium titanium magnetite is the world's most important resources, after many years of practice, has abroad in several ways from the vanadium titanium magnetite, these methods can be divided into chemical and metallurgical methods. Chemical method refers to ore direct sodium roasting; Metallurgical method is first melting into pig iron ore, vanadium concentration in the molten iron. Can get rich vanadium slag molten iron by the converter. Time roast picking-up vanadium vanadium slag and sodium. In some cases, the magnetite concentrate via selective smelting production of pig iron, remains in slag and vanadium. The vanadium mainly exist in the V3 + in magnetite, it replace parts of the magnetite Fe3 +. In sodium roasting vanadium was oxidized to V5 +, and compared with sodium salt formation water soluble vanadate. At present, from magnetite are the main producing countries of the South Africa v, Finland, the commonwealth of independent states and China. 1. Finland's tower containing titanium magnetite processing rugii ( RautaruukiOy) Company is state-owned iron and steel enterprises in Finland, subordinates the temple base ( Otanmaki) And wooden stark cutting ( Mustavaara) Factory are from including recovery of vanadium titanium magnetite. From the run of mine ore to total industrial V2O5 recovery rate is about 50%. Due to the embedded magnetite and rutile ore cloth is very fine, can't use beneficiation methods of separation. Mustavaara undressed ore containing V2O51. 60%, its processing method is roughly the same as the Otanmaki ore processing, but due to its high salt content of silicon, sodium with water soluble silicate in the roasting clinker leaching liquid concentration is high, therefore, must be conducted before the precipitation homework desilication process. The leaching of the clinker with high titanium content, can not be used in steel production. 2. Republic of South Africa from titaniferous magnetite v process the titaniferous magnetite, at bath is very rich, the vanadium content of 1. 00 ~ 1. 50%. There are sea geert wilders, union carbide and the Transvaal three companies in chemical recovery of vanadium. 2. 1. Vantta javier Vantta German and French is the English abbreviation of Transvaal vanadium company, the company is now the world's largest vanadium manufacturers javier DE steel and vanadium joint part of the company. Vantta only recovery of vanadium from titaniferous magnetite and other mineral components of the tailings waste. 2. 2. Javier DE company pyrometallurgy v extraction method in addition to the chemical method, javier DE company v pyrometallurgy way. 2. 3. Germany from vanadium amount low sedimentary iron ore recovery of vanadium, vanadium ore containing 0. 015-0. 10%. Usually these iron ore in blast furnace smelting production of pig iron. Most of the vanadium ore into iron. Pig iron in converter vanadium enriched in the converter slag. Slag returned and undressed ore blowing again, make the enrichment of vanadium in pig iron slag. 2. 4. Chile CAP mills with alkaline slag of oxygen blowing converter refining for the following: 5. 7% v2o5, 47岁。 0%CaO,2. 分别以5%,11。 0%SiO,3. 2% p2o5 4。 0%MnO,15. 1% Fe and 1. 2%氧化铝。 Because of high CaO and P content in slag, so vanadium mainly 3 CaO & middot; P2O5· V2O5 and CaO· 3 v2o5, CaO· V2O5 and 3 cao & middot; V2O5 form. To reduce the leaching of acid consumption, must first the CaO in slag into calcium sulphate, so add some additives to make calcium ingredient. From converter slag to red cake ( 81 ~ 82% v2o5) The total recovery of vanadium is about 80%.
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