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Is there instruction manual for Magnetic Sheet ?
Dongguan Maghard Flexible Magnet Co. Ltd has prepared instructions for you to meet the needs, saving time and providing guarantees. Proper operation according to the instructions will affect the efficiency and longevity of the Magnetic Sheet . In addition to guidance, our professional services team can provide expert advice and support.

Maghard Flexible Magnet primarily manufactures medium and high grade fridge magnet to satisfy different customers. According to the material, Maghard Flexible Magnet's products are divided into several categories, and fridge magnet is one of them. maghard has been always put effort into designing better looking Magnetic Toy Sets. It comes with surface printing services such as screen printing and digital printing. Maghard Flexible Magnet has established its own excellent reputation in the market. It is visually appealing with customized shapes.

We aim to stay at the forefront of the fight against climate change by setting science-based targets to reduce CO2 emissions from our own manufacturing.
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