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Knowledge points to know about ferrite magnets

by:Maghard      2021-02-28
Ferrite magnet is composed of barium and strontium ferrite, which has strong anti-demagnetization performance and low cost. It is currently a widely used permanent magnet material, covering everything from motors, speakers to toys and crafts. Because it is produced by powder metallurgy, it has low remanence and low recoil permeability. At the same time, because of the larger coercive force and strong resistance to demagnetization, it is suitable for use in magnetic circuit structures under dynamic working conditions. Because the material is hard and brittle, it is used in the cutting of emery tools. It is divided into two types: heterosexual and homosexual. Among them, the isotropic ferrite magnet can be magnetized in different directions of the magnet, while the anisotropic ferrite magnet can only be magnetized along the predetermined magnetizing direction of the magnet. The above is the relevant introduction of ferrite magnets, you can come and have a look.
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