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Large companies dominate is an inevitable trend in the rare earth industry

by:Maghard      2020-09-22
( The China electronic commerce research center) On May 19, General Office of the State Council issued the 'state council on promoting sustainable and healthy development of rare earth industry the several opinions of the country is sent [2011] no. 12 ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'opinion') To take effective measures to strengthen the management of the rare earth industry, to speed up the transformation of the mode of rare earth industry development, promote the sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry. 'Daily economic news' reporter understands, and the national related department after compared to developed multiple policy, the opinions of the rare earth industry access, each link such as production, export all make a directive requirements. 'the problems of developing countries have realized the rare earth industry, because compared with the previous policy enacted, the more system files, and more operable. 'on May 19, a rare earth enterprise executives to 'daily economic news' reporter said. Journalists access to files found that compared with the guidance of downstream of the rare earth industry development, the state control of rare earth upstream is not relaxed, one of them is how to improve the concentration degree of the rare earth industry integration of resources. Opinions, points out that in 1 ~ 2 years, to establish a normative and orderly, smelting separation and rare earth resources development market circulation order, disordered mining resources, ecological environment deterioration, blind expansion of production and export effectively curb the rampant smuggling conditions. 'is different from the pattern of the north is given priority to with baotou rare earth, in the south of heavy rare earth distribution in multiple provinces, large enterprises and local small and medium-sized enterprise competition has been more chaos. 'business treasure ( 002095). Data of its commodities business - - Business club ( 100ppi. com) Zhi-chao song rare metal analyst, dominated by large enterprises, is the inevitable developing trend of rare earth industry. 'Daily economic news' reporter also found that clear opinions, in addition to the 'Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to jointly with the relevant departments as soon as possible to promote the implementation of the rare earth industry merger and reorganization plan formulation', but also directly proposed 'basic formation in large enterprises as the leading pattern of rare earth industry, south of ionic type rare-earth industry's top three enterprise group industrial concentration above 80%' instructional goals. A long-term trade of rare earth, he says, is the file out after the various ministries will accelerate the work, the integration of rare earth industry will be more and more fast. For this, put forward opinions, 'support large enterprises in the capital as the link, through joint, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, vigorously promote the resources integration, greatly reduce the amount of rare earth mining and smelting enterprises, improve the industrial concentration. Promote the rare earth industry merger and reorganization to adhere to the overall planning, policy guidance, market operation, both the central and the local and corporate interests, and properly handle the relationship between the different areas and upstream and downstream industries. 'nevertheless, the personage inside course of study at the same time, according to the analysis because the file is not clear is the integration of which a few companies leading the south by the rare earth, currently has business or to enter into the field of rare earth rare earth several large enterprise is possible. 'rare earths are mainly distributed in south jiangxi, guangdong, guangxi, fujian and sichuan, like minmetals, at stake, and the local leading enterprises are likely to bear the burden. 'the reporter understands, as foreign rare earth mining, gradually get predicts 2013, the global supply will take place great changes,' since 2013, is the true test of whether China grasp the rare earth say when. 'institute of rare earths said authorities a permanent magnet. To change the plan, implementation, examination and approval, supervision of the status quo, the factory of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, land, environmental protection, the General Administration of Customs, and other department has been clear about the responsibility and division of labor. 'file establishment mechanism, the regulation of various ministries strength than ever before. 'zhi-chao song said magnet manufacturers.
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