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lathe magnetic chucks: distortion free clamping

by:Maghard      2020-02-20
Magnetic chuck is the best way to clamp them without twisting thin and flexible rings and discs.
Generally speaking, the lathe chuck is the workpiece fixture used with a radial symmetry or cylindrical tool or workpiece.
In some applications, the tool is maintained by the Chuck when the workpiece rotates;
In other applications, the opposite happens.
Although there are many different types of Chuck for lathe and lathe applications --
Clamping Chuck, core card tray, diaphragm Chuck, collet chuck, pull rod Chuck, electrostatic chuck and others-
Magnetic chucks are increasingly applied to turn applications because the work pieces they provide are easy to access and have no distortion clamping.
For rings and bearings, the magnetic chuck is particularly useful due to full access to I. D. and O. D. of the part.
When using a magnetic chuck, there is no need to stop and restart the turning application;
The mechanical fixture does not have this inherent advantage.
Lathe magnetic chuck overview lathe magnetic chuck is constructed with radial segmented, extremely distributed Center permanent surface.
After the circuit is powered on, the workpiece is fixed on the pole and the circuit is turned off to form a strong bond between the pole and the workpiece.
Magnetic chuck can be designed with single or double .
Single type is ideal for turning hard magnetic materials such as bearing steel.
The double type is most suitable for large rotation of magnetic soft materials.
The process consideration of magnetic control lathe magnetic chuck is usually controlled in both manual or electronic ways and permanent , which provides a high level of retention and inherent fault safety operation.
The permanent control is driven by a lever located on the Chuck.
Keep force on or off;
Power is not required and therefore has fault protection. Electro-
Permanent control uses a Chuck controller that applies variable D. C.
The excitation voltage of the Chuck to turn on or off the magnetic holding force.
No power is needed to maintain the force.
This also gives electricity.
Permanent control type a fault safe operation.
In addition, electronic
Permanent control can change retention forces in a variety of applications.
This is done by the Chuck controller, which can change the magnetic force by applying different levels of excitation voltage.
Although the electromagnetic control type is an option, it requires constant power to operate the chuck, so there is no fault protection function, which may be a safety hazard in places where power is unreliable.
Distortion-free clamping magnetic chuck is the best way to clamp thin and flexible rings and disks without distorting them.
By using radial, T-
The slotted pole and pole extension device lift the workpiece from The Wire plate and completely enter the ID and OD surface to eliminate the clamping deformation.
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