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Learn about the ring ndfeb style, everybody came in

by:Maghard      2020-08-17
Annular ndfeb magnet magnetization, most of them are axial namely two end face is strong magnetic surface, there are few customers will use to radial magnetization, according to experience, usually highly size larger than the diameter of the radial magnetizing, commonly used in motor, the field of automation equipment. A lot of people think that is a kind of annular magnet, namely the middle belt hole or holes, actually otherwise, round ring magnet because of customer demand and was made into a variety of different styles, the following figure. Circular ndfeb magnet, also called stiletto magnets, strong magnetic ring, it is widely used is a magnet, in daily life, the powerful annular magnets may see less, because they are mainly used for industrial machinery, electronics components, it's easy to see is ferrite ring magnet, childhood fun of speakers on the black ring magnet.
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