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M type magnet magnetic measurement?

by:Maghard      2020-09-10
M type magnet magnetic measurement? M type magnet, is very rare in our normal life, because the magnet shape is a bit weird, on basic seldom used in our everyday life on such a magnet! This type of magnet in our magnet manufacturer, it is for us a profiled magnets, special-shaped magnet magnet manufacturer in our eyes, it is to belong to a more properties of a single product, it can't be on the other products were universal, is specifically customized for a particular product. Based on this situation, how should we to the magnets for magnetic testing? First of all, we are doing the magnet custom, can according to customer demand for production of product, customer demand for the magnet is how, our side is need to analyze it, and provide solutions to the customers. In M type magnet, customers are normally need magnetic force in the side, because most of this kind of abnormity magnet is used for decoration, and magnetic force is commonly side suction, so M type magnet is magnetic absorption by the side, but for magnetic measuring, we only need to take a gauss meter for magnetic testing sides of it. M type magnet magnetic measurement? We'll stop here. If you are there any questions you can in the magnet applications, you can feel free to contact us!
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