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Magnet aviation packaging and magnet air method

by:Maghard      2020-09-14
Magnets by air and export market and customer need urgent shipment, need a lot of magnet and sample delivery business often involves magnets by air problem, at present a lot of customers don't know a lot of products and delivery of the magnets by air was returned cause serious impact delivery and credit losses. China aviation security equipment and testing method are much more strict than before and sometimes because each airport security check equipment is not the same as the result of different also, if you use a few years ago, way of packing and packaging materials were basically returned, long experience we also has come a long way, now we have the materials and packaging are greatly improved. Packing way and technique 1: the choice of material can't too expensive or too heavy pour magnetic good so we are now commonly used is high purity steel sheet 2: packing technique is as far as possible with all the way, can't use gap that will lead to leakage,
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