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Magnet manufacturer about how to choose bad product. Magnets to tell you

by:Maghard      2020-08-22
Magnet manufacturer about how to choose bad product. By ndfeb magnet tells you the magnet is a rare earth sintering and become a kind of product, it is very fragile, it is easy to damage. Because of complex production process, will inevitably cause some damage to the defective product. Our magnet manufacturers, however, is how to choose the damage of non-conforming? Here, our magnet manufacturer to take you to see. Rows of side by side, first, we will be in the magnet by manually rows, then the naked eye, choose the bad product, so you can put the bad product selected. Because ndfeb strong magnetic magnetic is strong, so take out bad product, need to slowly put the magnet back, avoid damage caused by magnetic force attacked the magnet as non-conforming. The above is our magnet manufacturer in picking operation process of the magnet non-conforming, this process is simple, but very important oh.
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