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Magnet manufacturer about the absorption of iron impurity breaker big magnet

by:Maghard      2020-08-31
Absorption of iron impurity we first will associate to use magnets, iron impurities in the magnet will be very quick to magnetic magnet surface, and the magnet has superior performance in many fields. We are looking for magnets iron impurities, tend to consider is to find a bigger magnets, bigger can increase in magnetic area, the thought of actually is true, but there are a lot of kinds of problems in practical application. Below we magnet manufacturer is here to discuss. First we magnet manufacturers of ndfeb strong magnet, magnetic is very strong, many clients often think the magnetic not very big, in fact is very big, at the time of use, if the magnet volume will have a lot of problems, such as magnetic force is too large, magnetic to iron, the magnet is unable to pull open, magnets because it is a rare earth sintering, it is easy to break. According to so many problems, we manufacturer of magnet tend to suggest customers to use small magnets, the magnet by means of joining together together, form a big magnet, actually this effect in the application is feasible, which do not require pursuit of magnetic iron impurity absorption about whether the joining together of, for the surface requirement is doesn't matter much, splicing, and small magnet with iron after damaged magnet magnetic together also won't, don't say can't pull open the situation. Is to remove the effect of iron impurity. To sum up, we applied to absorb iron impurities in magnet, we can consider to use stitching way yo. So can save cost, and can reduce damage, kill two birds with one stone. If you have any questions about magnets, you can contact us, we will explain for you.
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