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Magnet manufacturer in the user use bulk magnets

by:Maghard      2020-08-29
Ndfeb magnets are the powerful magnetic magnet, the magnet manufacturer in our eyes are recognized. The strong magnetic magnetic we usually can not imagine, if there is no certain experience to judge the size of the magnet, is difficult to estimate. So, many of our clients are getting strong magnetic, thought the magnet magnetic not very big, is to make the magnets mutual absorption, magnet under the condition of mutual absorption, the suction is double that of its magnetic force, so that the magnet is smashed. Why is this so? Magnets below magnet manufacturer to tell us, is a product of sintering and rare earth solid it will have the nature of the soil generally, is fragile. So the magnet at the time of mutual absorption, due to the magnetic force is too large, it is easy to cause the impact crushing. When we were in for customers to use strong magnetic, generally advise clients slow let magnet suck each other, can't rapid absorption. The speed of the magnet itself protection is critical, speed impact will occur, thus easy to cause the iron pieces. And we suggest customer magnets on the suction, add isolation cushion in the middle of the magnet position, in order to prevent the magnetic absorption is too large, lead to hard to pull back. Through the interpretation of the above, we mentioned the use of large magnet advice, although this recommendation to not appear, but the actual applications, the security sense very important oh.
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