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Magnet manufacturer to teach you how to judge strong magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-08-27
Magnet manufacturer to teach you how to judge strong magnet? Powerful magnet, because of a strong market demand, so come in all shapes and quality good and evil people mixed up can be used to describe. Why do you say that? As a professional manufacturer of magnet magnet to tell why. First of all, the magnet is by high-temperature sintering of ndfeb rare earth, its performance has something to do with their material proportion, the proportion relationship will directly affect the price of the product. Many manufacturers in order to pursue high profits, with low performance material as high-performance materials to sell to customers. As a professional manufacturer of magnet, general machinery and equipment test will know that the magnet product performance materials, in the absence of machinery and equipment, so how do we distinguish between the magnets, ok? We can observe the appearance of the magnet, observe the surface smoothness and stability of the magnetic force and product size. General normal manufacturer will not pretend to be high performance with low performance materials materials to sell to customers, because this product would not be stable, magnetism that will put your company brand image; And normal magnet manufacturer production tolerance range of the magnet is in the normal range of tolerance, magnet production factory is a standards, tolerance range is too big, magnet manufacturers will not put the product to the customer, so that our customers can rest assured. The above is our magnet manufacturer very good way to teach you how to judge a strong magnet. Choose a regular magnet manufacturer, can let your magnet products production. Choose a magnet, make your product more attractive!
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