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Magnet manufacturer to teach you how to simple and easy to judge ndfeb magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-08-21
Magnet manufacturer to teach you how to simple and easy to judge ndfeb magnet? Name of the magnet is single, but there are several types of it. Why do you say that? The composition of magnet type exactly what? The following is to talk about the magnet manufacturer. The composition of the magnet, the type of our manufacturer ndfeb, ferrite, rubber magnetic, samarium cobalt magnet, etc. These see in our daily life is relatively more, also more widely, including some which is able to tell the naked eye. Such as magnetic rubber, it is soft, can tell at a glance. Is a magnetic ferrite, the magnet is very weak, the mass products, and easy to be broken, appearance also is relatively easy to determine. But ndfeb magnets and samarium cobalt magnet, if you do, the size of the plating, too, so we can't distinguish the directly, to the naked eye cannot distinguish in weight. Based on this situation, we have a fast method to distinguish? This is very simple, actually teach you with gauss meter to measure the magnet manufacturer, because summary of gauss value is relatively higher than samarium cobalt magnet, and a much higher, we can be judged by the distinction, thus ndfeb is widely used in all aspects of life. Through the above teach you judge whether the magnet manufacturer ndfeb magnet method, you probably have a preliminary understanding. If still have what not understand, magnet manufacturers contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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