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Magnet manufacturer to tell you why the magnet cannot find about?

by:Maghard      2020-08-28
Magnet manufacturer to tell you why the magnet cannot find about? Magnet, general is on our life and more in industrial application. So the demand of magnets, natural, in our eyes, magnet manufacturers often hear a customer said about size. This is probably the size of the cut into your products, our magnet manufacturer will not do. Why do you say that? Us as a professional manufacturer of magnet, when we get samples in customer, must be our magnet manufacturer customer service, we accommodate customer, not customer to indulge our magnet manufacturers. Customer is looking for a sample, have to find the size, performance, the three fully meet customer demand for products, in order to be is the customer want to sample, which is called products. Otherwise, customers find products, probably back to test, test good, found that the plating is different, the price is different, the size like is different also, this is quite a struggle. At the same time, it also can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. For our professional magnet manufacturer, customer looking for samples, we have to advise clients find size, performance and coating completely conform to the sample, or according to customer specified requirements proofing again. To allow customers to reduce unnecessary trouble, at the same time can also avoid the back of the cost price, the using performance of related contradictions appear. Through the above explanation, you now know why the magnets don't get about the same? If you have questions just contact us.
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