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Magnet manufacturer told the importance of magnet magnetization direction you choose

by:Maghard      2020-08-20
Magnet manufacturer told the importance of magnet magnetization direction you choose. The magnet is a multiple shapes such as round, square, shaped magnets. Now our magnet manufacturer with rectangular magnet magnetization direction choice as an example to talk about the importance of what? * production workshop first rectangular magnet manufacturer, it seems to be a no magnet, it is not common, the magnetization charge once you in the wrong direction may affect the application of the magnet. We all know rectangular magnet. It has six, six surface looks like nothing in particular, if it's specific requirements will be a problem, once the magnetization direction, difference is big, fill in the wrong direction will directly lead to the magnet effect in use. Our magnet manufacturer on the rectangular magnet magnet production custom, we tend to communicate with the customer first, customer demand for the rectangular magnet, if the customer not any requirement for magnet, our magnet manufacturer will according to the ordinary magnet for production. If the customer have specific request for the direction of the magnet, then we will ask the customer to provide corresponding drawings, we will strictly according to the drawing production. So, so you can avoid the unnecessary trouble, also won't delay the goods delivery cycle, can be smoothly into customers hands. Above is the magnet manufacturer to tell you the importance of magnet magnetization direction, if you have magnet related questions, you can contact us consulting yo. Our magnet manufacturer will provide you with satisfactory answer yo.
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