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Magnet manufacturers explain why magnet do logo for you?

by:Maghard      2020-08-20
Magnet manufacturers explain why magnet do logo for you? Magnet, we all know are the two poles, general is invisible to the naked eye, which is the North Pole, which is the South Pole. Need to use instrument testing magnet pole which side is which side is. So, if not in magnets do identification, is don't tell their own. As to why some magnets must do, some don't have to? The following magnets manufacturers is to talk about you. In our daily life, some of the magnet, gift boxes, injection molded parts are used and the magnet cannot out once in it, or out of the cost price is very big, can lead to product scrap directly. Why so serious? Because they are heteropolar electromagnet attraction on the same principle to form a similar switch lock, if homopolar can cause cannot be shut, it will have to remove the one of the magnets to reverse installation. So do much, so process products can damage cause waste. As experienced magnet manufacturers, however, after understanding customer needs, will be one of the poles in the magnet accordingly on the logo, in order to prevent the above problems. So professional magnet manufacturer in communication with customers, to understand what is the purpose of the magnet, with the customers to achieve what effect, which in turn reduce many of the necessary trouble.
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