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Magnet manufacturers often say what is regular size?

by:Maghard      2020-08-28
Magnet, shape and size are various, this we are all have certain cognitive. However we magnet manufacturer every magnet has the corresponding inventory? This is not necessarily. Let's talk about. Our magnet manufacturers according to the normal case, is depending on the type of clients can offer a variety of shapes and properties of magnets custom processing services, is the customer a good size drawings to performance, and then we go to production of magnet manufacturers. This kind of production needs certain periodicity, in general, this also belong to normal. But does not rule out some customers are more urgent, hurry to need the next day, in this case, our magnet manufacturer and night to work overtime will not produce, so you can find the corresponding samples. If the sample is a more conventional size, so our magnet manufacturers are likely to have the corresponding product inventory. Our magnet factory is how to judge whether the routine? Magnet production with many years experience of magnets, based on past experience and product size, will be of some use, compare the size of commonly used as a conventional product size, then accordingly on this type of magnet production, inventory, can be delivered in a timely manner so that customers are more urgent. Through the above analysis, the interpretation of you now know magnet manufacturers say what are the regular size magnets, isn't it? If you have questions you can contact us.
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