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Magnet manufacturing solutions of magnetic shielding

by:Maghard      2020-09-11
Magnet manufacturing solutions of magnetic shielding in low frequency ( DC to 100 KHZ) Magnetic shield, the shield design low cost is the most key factor of the thorough understanding of magnetic shielding. Its purpose is to reduce the required magnetic field, so make it to the shielding device or system does not threaten. Once the target is determined, it will affect the shield should be considered low cost design some of the basic factors. These include the choice of materials, the main design parameters and processing technology. Understanding of the shielding task stipulated in the help to the best of the choice of material, structure and process. This kind of evaluation can keep the best shielding performance under the best cost. Magnetic shielding solution of GMR sensor as a kind of magnetic sensor sensitivity is very high, can predict the future of a wide range of applications. But users are extremely concerned about a problem is magnetic interference problem. There are many solutions to solve this problem, but the main one is the magnetic shielding, the following is about the relevant expositions of magnetic shielding. ( The main source of data: The MuShield Company, Inc. 吗? For reference only, not be responsible. ) If you want to design your own magnetic shielding system, you will find the following information is very useful. Purpose of magnetic shielding: usually is to protect the circuit from such as, cables, transformers, motors, permanent magnet coil produce magnetic field interference, such as shielding strong magnetic interference source, of course, make it from nearby components function is an important application purpose. Magnetic shielding material parameters and the materials are classified: magnetic shield made of magnetic materials, measure the abilities of magnet material permeability parameters is magnetic permeability, usually expressed in digital relative size. Vacuum magnetic permeability is 1, shielding material permeability from 200 to 350000; Another important parameter of magnetic shielding material is saturated magnetization. The magnetic shielding material generally divided into three categories, namely high permeability material, medium and high saturation magnetic materials. High saturation magnetic permeability of magnetic conductivity materials - in 80000 350000, after heat treatment, the saturation field of up to 7500 gs; Magnetic permeability material and high conductivity materials usually used together, the permeability value from 12500 150000, 15500 gs saturation field; High magnetic permeability of saturated field value is 200 - Field of up to 18000-50000, saturation 21000Gs。 Use: the main points of the sheet material in shielding small components, rigid structure isn't very convenient for processing application, the sheet material is a good choice, but should pay attention to the following: * to reduce magnetic scattering occurs, should avoid the sharp corner structure; If need to open hole or gap structure, the circular arc is used to form to its edges. * when shielding cylindrical objects, each layer of the lap joint size of not less than 3/4 & Prime; And the first layer of interface in 180 & deg; Position, is the next layer of interface in 90 & deg; Location, and then the next layer in 180 & deg; The location, and so on. * in order to improve the effect of shielding, 3 - between each two layer mask 4 times the slice thickness of space. * because of sheet material has high magnetic permeability, so use should be avoided in the continuous spiral winding it, otherwise it will be possible in shield is equivalent to the structure of magnetic pole. * when drilling in wafer material, should ensure that is in the correct processing sheet metal under the condition of, rather than under the condition of ordinary metal processing operations, because ordinary operation mode will have a screwdriver effect cause a bending of the chip, thus shielding is between two space area for the isolation of the metal, to control the electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic waves from one area to another area of induction and radiation. Specifically, is to use the shield components, circuit, assembly, cable, or the interference sources of the whole system surrounded by preventing interference of electromagnetic field to spread beyond; With a shield to enclose the receiving circuit, equipment or system, prevent them from affected by external electromagnetic fields. For shield from wires, cables, components and circuits or systems such as external interference of electromagnetic wave and internal electromagnetic wave plays an energy absorption ( Eddy current loss) And reflection energy ( Electromagnetic wave in the interface reflection on the shield) And offset energy ( Electromagnetic induction in the inverse electromagnetic shielding layer, can be offset part of the electromagnetic interference) The role of, so the shield has weakened the function of the interference. ( 1) When the frequency of electromagnetic field interference, the use of eddy current generated in low resistivity of metal materials, formation of external electromagnetic wave offset function, so as to achieve the effect of shielding. ( 2) When the frequency of the interference of electromagnetic wave is low, to adopt high permeability material, so that the magnet wire limit inside the shield, to prevent the spread to the shielding room. ( 3) In some cases, if the requirement of high frequency and low frequency electromagnetic fields have good shielding effect, often with different metal materials composed of multilayer shield. Magnet company is the specialized production ( Ndfeb) Powerful magnet company, has factories in dongguan city based wangniudun pier town. Magnet products used in toys, jewelry, crafts gifts, handmade gift box, leather handbags invisible magnetic button, plastic hardware products, audio equipment and other industries. 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