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Magnet, not rusty magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
As the pearl river delta high and new technology reform and requirements of industry continuously improve, especially in digital electronic products ( Such as smart phones, smart watches,,) And brushless energy conservation and environmental protection industry, had the new promotion to product parts for the warranty. So the new technology emerge in endlessly, make high-end industries. Then ferrite magnet is currently these high-end electronic, electrical products and customer indispensable a part, because it does not rust, oxidation, corrosion and environmental protection. Why won't rusty ferrite magnet? Chemical name for ferrite magnet ferroferric oxide main ingredients are: Fe3O4. Is iron oxide, so want to be oxidized, it is very difficult. While other magnet ( Ingredient is iron) , is made of magnetic metal iron, or other no have, it is the same as other iron and steel, can be to oxidize, was part of the magnetic oxide disappear. Choose ferrite magnet has several advantages: 1. Low cost, low price. The cheap cost of raw materials, simple manufacturing process 2. Temperature stability is better it can be Use 40 c and + 350 degrees Celsius temperatures. 3. Is just mentioned is not rust. Is now widely used the electroacoustic, motors, electrical appliances, toys. And so on each big industry.
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