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magnetic air conditioners: a high tech way of keeping cool

by:Maghard      2020-03-06
In a magnetic air conditioner, the alloy acts as a \"refrigerant\" and the ordinary old water provides heat transfer, eliminating the need for an absolutely unfriendly HCFC (HCFCs)
Used for traditional air conditioning.
Although the earliest magnetic thermal alloys are either toxic or very expensive, the latest cost of magnetic thermal materials-
Effective and eco-friendly.
The magnetic air conditioner does require power, but the motor that rotates the disk containing the magnetic heat alloy is expected to be much more efficient than the compressor needed to run the traditional air conditioner.
According to 2011 Scientific American articles, Space hopes to have a prototype by 2013, using only two-
As with conventional air conditioners, the same amount of cooling can be provided.
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