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Magnetic business continued to develop in the direction of high-end products in China

by:Maghard      2020-10-05
Magnetic products business continue to high-end line. During the reporting period magnetic products business orders full, permanent magnet business in market development has made good achievements, new customers are mostly concentrated in the chassis, high-performance magnetic tile, bonded magnetic and other new fields. Soft magnetic business of the company in the global market share of about 10%, one of the high-end DMR95 DMR47 and adapt to the development trends of magnetic components miniaturization, the global share of up to 30 - 40%. On July announcement to use its own funds new manganese zinc ferrite magnetic products production capacity of 6000 tons, soft magnetic ferrite production capacity will be expanded nearly 25%, expansion project will further optimize the structure of the company's products.   The solar cell business gradually thickening performance. In the first half of 2010 solar cells, silicon project reaches producing step by step, a stable product quality, stable yield over 97%, debris rate at 1. Below 3%, the average conversion efficiency reached 17. 4%, the average power of 2. 68W。 In July the company announcement will use its own funds for solar energy expansion projects, will not only make the company of monocrystalline silicon solar cell production capacity expansion, at the same time to form a single crystal, polycrystalline solar cell product structure, extends the industrial chain, will form the wafer - The solar cell The overall production capacity of the solar cell components, enrich the company's products in the field of solar energy business structure. New investment projects crystalline silicon solar cell total capacity is 300 mw, is the company's production capacity in 2009 investment projects of three times, and the new solar module production capacity of 50 mw. The construction period of the project for two years, is scheduled to be completed in May 2012 and put into production. Soft magnetic products, permanent magnet magnetic gross margin year-on-year increase. 1-2010 In June, the company integrated gross margin 28. 48%, year-on-year increase 3. 03%. Among them, 28 single quarter integrated gross margin in the second quarter. 89%, from 0 to ascend. 98%. Points products, permanent magnet product gross margin for 33. 9%, year-on-year increase in 4. 9%, soft magnetic product gross margin is 29. 8%, year-on-year increase by 1. 61%, monocrystalline silicon solar energy cell margins of 18. 6%.   During the improved cost control ability. 1-2010 In June, the company during the rate of 13. 13%, reduce compared to 0. 71%. Among them, because the company the improvement of capacity utilization, scale effect significantly, the sales rate of 4. 71%, year-on-year decline in 0. 7%; Management fee to 8. 45%, year-on-year decline in 1. 67%; Financial asset ratio - 0. 04%, year-on-year increase in 1. 66%.   The profit forecast and rating. We raised 2010 - company Earnings per share in 2012 to 0. 88 yuan, 0. 99 yuan, 1. 35 yuan, on August 24, closing the corresponding dynamic price-earnings ratio of 24 times respectively, 21 times, 16 times, maintain the company to increase investment rating.
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