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magnetic chucks attract new users.

by:Maghard      2020-03-01
Magnetic chuck has long been the standard equipment on almost many types of grinding machines.
However, the latest development of magnetic chuck technology makes magnetic work --
Machining operation options from milling to EDM--
Compared with the mechanical fixture, it saves the user time and money.
Advances in Chuck technology include improved permanent materials;
Five Rod extensions and other equipment are allowed
Cutting and minimum assembly of unusual workpiece structures;
And allows control of variable magnetic field power and minimizing residual magnetism.
DominicPignataro, vice president of Maruster OS Walker Co. Inc. , said another factor that is increasingly using magnetic chuck for the workplace chip manufacturing business is the current machine technology.
\"The current machines, especially the vertical machining centers, have much lower horsepower than the old factories in the past.
\"CNCs today really functions like a combination of milling machines, drill bits and grinding machines,\" he said . \".
The combination of relatively low horse force and higher rpm reduces the machining force, making the magnetic chuck suitable for various machining applications.
There are basically two types of magnetic chuck for choosing a chocolate: Induction and permanent -- models.
Both types can be turned on and off, providing automatic demagnetic of the workpiece and having enough power in the chip manufacturing operation.
The third chocolate variety, TiVo-
A permanent Chuck that combines some of the other two types of properties.
For the purpose of magnetic switching, a DC power supply is needed.
Mr. Pignataro said that they are usually used for larger, heavier workpieces where the magnetic field is absorbed by the workpiece.
The size is 42 \"x 192\" for permanent use-
The Chuck uses ceramic or other magnetic material embedded in the Chuck to provide magnetic force.
Relatively new magnetic materials such as Alnico (aluminum-nickel-cobalt)
The addition of rare earth elements and rare earth elements increases the retention of rare earth elements.
Magnets laugh at the point where they are useful for various chip manufacturing operations.
For smaller milling applications, the permanent Chuck can provide \"chip-
\"The atmosphere of freedom, that is, the Chuck is designed to make the chip not stick to the cutter,\" said Pignataro . \".
\"The depth of the magnetic field is very small.
He added: \"magnetic properties can be customized by changing the surface design of the chuck. Permanent-
The Chuck is powered mechanically through a lever or a control device.
\"Due to the force required to move the lever, there is a limit on the size of the mechanical drive Chuck that we can manufacture,\" Mr Pignataro said . \".
\"Big cake\"
Operation, single
The Chuck we make is 12 \"x 24 \". \"Electro-
The permanent Chuck was developed by tecnomte in Milan, Italy, said Graham A Phillipson, president of Alpine precision machine tools, an American distributor at Graham nomte.
They are permanent.
The magnetic card disk controlled by sending an electrical signal to the control , which is actually short
Insert other aluminum-nickel magnets into the chuck.
So the Chuck can be turned on and off and the polarity can be reversed.
\"The surface of the Chuck is basically like a board,\" says Mr Phillipson . \".
Each pole is an independent Magnetic Island, and the adjacent pole has the opposite polarity.
He said that the \"stitching\" effect generated by the magnetic field in the workpiece enhances the clamping effect. Once Electronic
Mr. Phillips said that the permanent chuck was turned on and there was no electricity.
So it can stay there permanently after the component is set up.
If you want, you can close it for a longer period of time on a weekend.
\"It\'s controversial how much advantage this ability has, but Tivo-
The permanent Chuck does offer many features ---
Including automatic demagnetic of workpiece-
No built-in induction Chuck
Demand for oil or other cooling media.
For work pieces that are easily deformed, Mr Phillipson said that using something as simple as strategically placing aluminum foil to adjust the holding force.
However, the adjustable rod extension provides a more consistent clamping force with a flexible base firmly attached to the surface of the chuck.
Expansion includes two springs-
Loading triangular components adapted to the distortion and compression load during processing.
The system itself is distorted.
Free clamping of large castings, heat
Rolling plate and heat-
The component of distortion introduces a flap distortion less than 0.
0006 \", said Mr. Phillipson.
He added that adjustable extension and fixed extension up to 70mm also provide the ability to process five faces of the workpiece in a single Chuck.
The power of use can be as important as the ability to control the magnetized and demagnetized Chuck.
Of course, control is essential for a continuously variable induction Chuck between zero power and 100% power.
From small box with Dial and indicator light to PC-
A system-based system that can provide control for multiple chucks.
\"These controls provide DC power to thech,\" Mr Pignataro said . \". \"The PC-
Four modes of operation are provided based on control: fully maintained power, variable power, release period and remaining state.
\"The device also allows programming loops for dedicated applications.
Another important function to control the solenoid valve is to ensure safe operation.
The controller is usually connected directly to the machine and has a current-
Unless the Chuck is turned on, the sensing function that prevents the machine from turning on.
Electric control device
The permanent Chuck sends a pulse for a few seconds duration to the control of the chuck, or charges or demagnets to the other poles of the chuck.
For workpieces with magnetic properties, either the driver or the controller, a common problem is to be dealt with: residual magnetism.
Several demagnetic agents have been used, including portable, manual demagnetic
Fixing device for large workpiece, plate-
Type unit for bulk demagnetic for large number of small parts, and hole demagnetic for parts from small bearing blocks to large mechanical castings and mold blocks.
But the microprocessor
Mr Pignataro indicated that, after the facts had occurred, the base-based control was faster and easier than demagnetic.
\"The automatic release cycle is not a problem of residual magnetism;
\"They solved most of the problems,\" he said . \"
\"If you think that residual magnetism is going to be a problem, you should use the automatic release control.
One standard, six.
Mr. Phillipson added that the second demagnetic cycle removes about 95 to 98% of the residual magnetic from most of the work pieces stored in the tecnomte Chuck, and the remaining magnetic properties can be extended by extending the cycle
OS Walker says a small amount of residual after the automatic demagnetic cycle-
At 10 to 20 Gaussian--
It is acceptable in many applications.
Ten to twenty Gaussian doesn\'t sound like that, but how much is it actually?
Mr Phillipson said this: \"If you have a blade that is attracted to the magnetized surface by the force of five Gaussian, you do not feel the magnetic properties on the surface of the blade when you try to pick up the blade.
\"To obtain the gripSo, in the process of milling, drilling and other chip manufacturing that is touted as a good application of the magnetic chuck, how much force does it take to provide a safe, reliable workpiece hold?
\"We have discussions in areas ranging from 75 to 125 psi,\" Mr Pignataro said . \".
\"When you think of the actual machining force applied in grinding or milling operations,
The size of the machine, unless you really rip the inventory off, there shouldn\'t be a problem.
He added: \"If you can keep the workpiece under the force of a Madison or Blanchard style grinder, then the possibility of placing it on a milling machine or a horizontal spindle grinder is considerable.
Fu Lixin said that Tecnomagnete\'s electricity
The permanent magnetic chuck can generate force of 200 psi or more.
But, because the actual holding force depends on the area of contact between the Chuck surface and the workpiece, Mr Phillipson tends not to take the clamping force into account, but he says, to put it simply, \"The weight of the workpiece increases with the increase of the clamping surface area. \".
\"For example, there are 16 kg/cm 2 (about 225 psi)
The contact area is 600mm x 600mm (24\" x24\")
The clamping force is about 56 tons.
Depending on the shape and height of the component, this means that it is necessary to apply about 14 tons of force to the resulting coefficient to move the workpiece.
\"In practice, he added that the removal rate of the safety material is calculated based on the length and width of the cut, the feed, the material and size of the workpiece and whether the workpiece is processed by the reverse stop position
Electric spark, the electricity of the tooMagnetic workpiece
Discharge processing may sound like an adventure, but both Mr Pignataro and Mr Phillipson say it\'s actually common for wires and sinker EDM.
Both the permanent magnets and the magnetic chuck are submersible, which makes them all suitable for EDM operation.
\"Magnetic field transfer and direct electron flow, but as long as the spark does not enter the magnetic field, EDM is very suitable for magnetic materials,\" Mr Pignataro said . \".
\"In an application, for example, a customer has a large board of 10mm thick.
Normally, the magnetic field on their Chuck is 25mm high, which will cause problems.
You can control field penetration using poleextensions.
Another way is to change the field, and we can do that within a certain range . \"
Walker Hagou of Bladel, Netherlands developed an example of a permanent Chuck with a deliberately finite magnetic field.
The height of the Chuck is 2mm, allowing the operator to change the magnetic force between enzero and 90 psi.
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