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Magnetic field is what?

by:Maghard      2020-10-08
Magnetic field is what? Before the magnet kids make big trouble, have found their way? Using the magnetic field. A magnetic field? The scope of magnetic field is refers to the magnetic effects. Magnetic field can affect the surrounding objects, such as magnetic compass does not point to the north, near but will move with the direction of the magnetic field. Because the cause of the magnetic field, don't know which way is north. There is the north! Magnetic field will change with the flow of the current, want to see the aurora? How can you see the aurora here? You don't forget I'm a genie magnet? Aurora is show the power of magnetic field of the most representative of natural phenomena. Wow, too beautiful! I've seen in the book. If go to Alaska Fairbanks, will be able to see the green aurora. Aurora main above 65 degrees latitude of the south and the North Pole to see, the size of the aurora is usually not fixed, they usually according to the sun's activity is frequent or not and the change. The sun in the solar wind of charged high-energy particles, by earth field force into the north and south poles, the ionization high atmospheric atoms and molecules in the stimulated or produce various wavelengths of light, and thus formed the aurora. The use of magnetic field work machines have vending machines. Are you saying that we often see the vending machine? Vending machine can first move to distinguish and calculate worthless COINS. Manufacturing COINS material with copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum, etc. , according to the types of COINS, a variety of materials with different ratio of club. System optimum material of the coin is not the same? Not all use the same material? COINS COINS into the slot will encounter electronic recognition machine. COINS COINS recognition machine structure if encounter coin recognition machine, magnetic field variable input voltage change occurs, the resistance of the coil will instantly change. At this point, the output voltage and input voltage changes. Its appearance is different because the face value of the coin are different, so the coin recognition machine will be able to distinguish between a coin. Why don't you give me some money! Oh this is 1 because of fine magnetic field ah? Sometimes, of course, there will be a machine errors.
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