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magnetic magic: the latest generation of post-shredder magnetic separators can accomplish a great deal. (sorting & separating equipment focus).

by:Maghard      2020-02-28
Over the past few years, from my European perspective, I have been monitoring the evolution of trends and thinking in the United States. S.
Car shredder operators about their positions
Paper Shredder system
From a European perspective, there is a strong tradition of recycling all possible saleable materials from any scrap source (
In Europe, raw materials are usually more expensive and rare than in the United States. S. )
On average, the tip of the residue is much higher than that of the United States. S.
It also influenced European views.
Waste handlers generally want to reach a target rate close to the maximum marketable materials that can be recovered from the waste before the process costs associated with this result become onerous.
This is my magnetic separator (
Iron current and eddy current)
Enjoy a premium in the best proportion between costs (up-
Front and operation)
Compared to many other sorting solutions such as hand picking machines, heavy media factories, metal sensors, furnaces, and throughput.
Therefore, it is important to find innovative magnetic solutions to optimize this low yieldcost and high-
Productivity technology before further processing materials through more expensive cleaning or/and sorting processes.
Innovative Magnetic separators provide more possibilities and convenience for recycling from waste (
Bring more sales opportunities)
It also reduces the cost of landfill. OPEN MINDS.
The recent 2003 ISRI Exhibition in Orlando is an unprecedented opportunity. S.
Scrap processors focus on getting more out of scrap and are willing to listen to innovative solutions to this problem.
Therefore, the manufacturer of the magnetic separator should also indicate that the is not a \"black box\" in technology and is generally considered to be known as a commodity that sets performance limits.
Usually at the exit of the car shredder, you will perform the first magnetic process in the presence of one, two or three magnetic buckets (
Usually in diameter between 48 and 60 inch)
Place one line for two purposes: 1)
Collect the black part of the stream, and; 2)to clean (or liberate)
The black metal in non-ferrous materials is also dragged.
That\'s why these drums are often called \"mixer drums.
The performance of the drum separator itself and the design of its components are very simple and can be evaluated by analyzing the materials produced. 1)
Collection in black: check the residue of the automatic shredder (ASR)
, Or fluff, check the size and shape of the black part missed by the drum (s).
The larger the size of the black material found, the smaller the spherical shape, the larger the quantity may be. 2)
Black cleaning: the purpose of the first drum is to collect the most likely black part of the chopped material (
Usually around 70%).
Therefore, it is normal for this first drum to carry some non-ferrous material with black.
The liberation of non-ferrous metals carried by the first drum is mainly the purpose of the second drum (and third)drum(s).
The first drum must be strong enough for the second drum (and third)
Drums must be strong enough so that they can be placed inside-
The feed conveyor, thus leaving room for the drop of non-ferrous metals, at the same time, will not lose the black metal.
When the drum two (and three)
The magnetic properties are not strong enough to liberate non-ferrous metals well, and operators often use them improperly, more like excavators than magnetic separators.
In these cases, they carry the splints of black and non-ferrous materials without distinction.
For feed conveyors, they are usually placed too close and too low to minimize the possibility of a drop in the non-ferrous part.
The sign that the drum is performing well is that while your iron chip level is clean, you can\'t find typical small spherical black parts in your fluff, these parts should be part of your black grade.
The Black missing from these drums found in your fluff will be very small,/or attached to the larger nonferrous (
May be affected later by other specific magnetic sorting solutions). FURTHER STEPS.
Operators usually rely on additional iron separators (
Usually the belt and the head wheel)
Put it on their downstream flue to make up for what their mixer bucket missed.
We can\'t forget that these Belt magnets and pulley separators will encounter much smaller magnetic blocks than the drum, so they can only magnetic grab things through the magnetic field at a better distance than on the drum.
Therefore, the head pulley can solve the lower part of the fluff burden running on the conveyor belt, while the conveyor belt can reach the larger Black part running on the upper part of the fluff burden.
Small black metal from engine block-
Broken During crushing-
The smaller black separator is hard to catch and will eventually be fined.
This represents the loss of Black revenue from scrapped operators handling the penalty portion.
It will also cause problems for those who handle them on a more specific vortex separator (
More will be introduced later).
Although, in fact, from the outside, they seem to have not changed since the mixer drums and the first shredder came along, the latest generation can guarantee the best cleaning quality and the black recovery rate.
These drums become so strong that their shells must become thicker and thicker in order to mechanically withstand the impact of the larger pieces of black metal that hit them.
The result may be that the black part does not require any further mechanical sorting attention.
The next magnetic phase is related to the recovery of valuable non-ferrous parts from fluff.
In this case, since the performance of the vortex separator should be measured by the maximum jump length that a piece of aluminum can achieve, the idea has made great progress, or by a Gaussian reading that can be measured on the rotor housing.
The Gaussian reading value is the representation (force)
Lifting , but not always effective for magnetic separator.
Unlike lifting magnets, the purpose of magnetic separation is not to anchor the load firmly, but to induce movement into materials (
Attraction and rejection of non-ferrous metals)
This has more to do with the magnetic gradient and the appropriate frequency.
In terms of the jump of non-ferrous metals, the performance of the vortex is better represented by the percentage of non-ferrous metal pieces that can jump splitter, rather than by the maximum jump length that large pieces of aluminum can achieve. (
In addition to the non-aluminum mixture you recycle, clean aluminum parts can be obtained
Black metal, can always provide Hopper of vortex separator with double separator). EDDY ADVANCES.
The latest generation of vortex separators is trying to achieve two main goals: the maximum recovery rate of non-ferrous metals and the ability to look for it in different ways --
Material of separate size.
The trommel screen, which is usually placed before the vortex, sorts out three scores: the first score represented by the fine, usually below 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch in size;
The second score (
Because most of the dirt gets into the fine, it\'s usually cleaner)
Size up to 6 inch;
The third part is made of extra large materials with a size of more than 6 inch.
However, the latest generation of vortex separator is characterized by its application to cover 3/8-
Inches to 6 inch and the standard material size fraction is not required to be further divided into different sub-fraction sizes, which will require different vortex separator lines, or these different scores are on the same machine with different batches by using different settings.
The productivity and versatility of the latest generation of vortex separators are achieved through advanced magnetic circuits and higher magnetic frequencies.
One way to evaluate the performance of the fluff vortex process is to send a sample of the material to the manufacturer in order to test their latest vortex model.
If the results obtained from the channels on the new vortex are significantly higher than those that can be achieved through existing equipment, the processor has reason to calculate the possible return on investment in the new vortex.
Until a short time ago, many shredder operators ignored and handled the fine part of the fluff.
But there are several reasons to reconsider the situation now.
One possible reason is the traditional undervaluation of the non-ferrous metal content in the fine stream.
Many shredder operators estimate that their percentage of non-ferrous metals is about 2-3%, making it economically impossible to seek further recycling.
But the results of the new vortex Separator On The Shredder fine show that the metal content can be as high as 10 to 25%, mainly composed of small pieces of aluminum from the engine block, these aluminum are crushed during crushing.
Fines usually include a lot of dirt and dust, making it difficult for them to handle.
There is too much dirt and dust in the non-ferrous metal recovery mixture, which causes very low pollutionValue of goods.
But the latest fine vortex process includesdusting stage.
For those who haven\'t checked in the last few years, there\'s still a lot to get from that affordable, productive \"black box\"-magnetic.
The author is general manager of SGM magnetic company.
Didir can be contacted by email.
Haegelsteen @ SGMmagnetics. com.
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