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Magnetic materials application in four big industry

by:Maghard      2020-10-02
Four applications to speed up new soft magnetic ferrite materials development and the progress of science and technology to promote the rapid development of the application of soft magnetic ferrite materials, with the continuous invention of new technology and constantly develop new products, as well as the modern computer, communication, automation and intelligent system and its related products, such as the continuous development of new and high technology market, greatly stimulated the soft magnetic ferrite materials to develop high performance, and promote the development of a new type of soft magnetic ferrite materials. Communications market for magnetic materials demand higher to multimedia and 3 g mobile phone development. Now mobile phone function in expanding, camera, MP3, MP4 and TV function in the integration of multimedia mobile phone development into the mainstream. The next few years, the development of Chinese 3 g standard cell phone will become a key, will produce more than GSM. Because of the function and the improvement of technology, put forward higher request to magnetic material performance. Magnetic materials must meet high frequency, miniaturization, patch, magnetic, low loss and high resistance to electromagnetic interference. The growth of the mobile phone, must increase the number of mobile exchange capacity and the ground station. Mobile communications with soft magnetic material is mainly soft magnetic devices. Soft magnetic ferrite components mainly with magnetic antenna wireless paging, mobile phones use electromagnetic compatibility of magnetic core, such as high frequency band of the parasitic oscillation with magnetic core, mixer with the magnetic core, coupling coil with magnetic core, as well as the chip inductors and so on, for these components, domestic supply can't meet the requirements, mainly rely on imports. SPC exchange to miniaturization. Mobile switch miniaturization and unmanned management need high temperature range, low power consumption and high permeability of soft ferrite magnetic core. Currently, the main machine use imported magnetic core. Production in China and the international core of similar material performance is basically the same, but the appearance of the product quality is poor, cannot be accepted by a lot. SPC exchange core requirement is for the use of the power of high frequency low loss material, the surface installation technology using chip inductor, LC filter, chip hybrid circuits, coupling transformer for 12000 to 15000 with the permeability of high permeability material with high saturation magnetic flux. Fixed telephone to cordless and visual development. Cordless telephone must have high quality, effectively prevent eavesdropping, anti-interference, wider range of calls, low power consumption, environmental protection, low radiation, etc advantages. Requires high permeability and low power loss soft magnetic ferrite materials as power and anti-interference emc components, to ensure the reliability and stability. Computer market, soft magnetic devices have a lot of demand. Magnet ndfeb rare earth strong magnet laptops. As laptop computers is improving and miniaturization of electronic components in the clock frequency, application components must also correspondingly to develop in the direction of high frequency, type, such as the lower power and ground noise between ferrite soft magnetic common-mode filter; Except for digital signal distortion of higher harmonic filter noise composition of SMD magnetic beads; Noise shields absorber; Holding on the cable noise filter; Battery supply DC voltage into a DC voltage needed for the circuit with DC - DC converter core; LCD back light high ac voltage in DC - AC inverter; To reduce the magnetic loss, in order to achieve the computer low fever, energy-saving of ferrite transformer core; IEEE1394 / USB anti-interference chip magnetic beads, common mode filter core, etc. Liquid crystal display. At present, in the display market, liquid crystal display market showing a strong growth momentum, liquid crystal display is a typical digital consumer electronics, in need of some important soft magnetic electronic components, in order to make more thin, flat panel display higher quality, lower electromagnetic noise. The soft magnetic devices, such as three terminal filter, choke, SMD inductor, clamping filter, magnetic beads, dc - sheet Ac converter, wait a rheostat has large demand. Automobile industry market restrain EMI is key automotive electronic system EMC with soft magnetic ferrite. Automobile electronic system is more advanced, more complex, the electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC) The problem is more prominent. In order to ensure the high reliability of the automobile electronic systems, must take effective measures to restrain EMI. Designed to suppress the noise transmission of automobile electronic system, using the norm of the principle of LC filter reactor and common-mode choke coil is a simple and effective method. Because the norm choke is current compensation type, so need big core section and high saturation magnetic flux density, usually adopt magnetic saturation of the metal powder core not easily, such as iron silicon aluminum and iron nickel molybdenum powder, etc. ; For the current compensation model of common mode choke, manganese zinc system high permeability soft magnetic ferrite is the most suitable material. Automobile HID settle for soft magnetic ferrite. High intensity discharge type gas that HID lamp, also known as xenon lamp. So far has more than 20 million global automotive installed HID headlamps, known as the 21st century revolutionary automotive electronic products. Within the various brands of ballast, DC - core components The main transformer DC converter without exception is made using high performance power ferrite core, the main transformer core using small PQ and RM type respectively.
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