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magnetic pulse welding: ready for prime time?

by:Maghard      2020-02-22
The development of the magnetic pulse welding system has been developed by the R & D team of major OEM and first-class suppliers (
See: but HirotecAmerica (www. hirotecamerica. com)
Indicates readiness to transfer the technology from the laboratory to the C3 production line (clean, cost-
Effective welding)technology.
Proprietary coils have been developed by the supplier;
It also works with Pulsar Ltd. (www. pulsar. co. il)
Using the company\'s MP-
Welding systems to improve throughput and quality of parts.
Magnetic pulse welding is a \"cold\" process;
The material did not melt.
It uses the current passed through the inductor coil to generate a magnetic force strong enough to accelerate the movement of the external material to the inside, thus forming a seamless welding.
If the material has high conductive properties, different materials such as stainless steel and aluminum can be connected using a magnetic pulse process.
Michael Blakely, operations manager at Hirotec America, said: \"The ability to add different materials can help automakers reduce the weight of certain components, which may help meet the needs of cafes . \".
\"I \'ve heard people say that the cost of this process is about every pulse of adolra, but it\'s based on very old technology.
Our coilis guarantees 50,000 pulses for up to 75,000 pulses at a cost of about $2,000-
About four cents per pulse . \"
Although much more equipment is required to install the C3 magnetic pulse welding station than gas metal arc welding, the process does not require filling materials or gas emission removal systems.
In addition, while improving the quality of the parts, the deformation of the material will also be reduced.
The system of the HVAC tec is being used for HVAC receiving drive applications and the manufacturing cycle is shortened from 26 seconds. on a two-
It takes less than 1 second to pass the system.
On a single pulse unit, the return rate is reduced from 20% to almost zero.
The magnetic pulse does have its limitations, especially when it comes to thicker materials,
Stainless steel grade.
The use of this technique on parts with complex shapes can also cause problems because the current flows uneven in larger molds.
Nevertheless, Hirotec believes that there are many unique application possibilities in the future, including the development of a hybrid door beam made of aluminum, which can be magnetic attached to the steel door structure, thereby reducing
\"We are now working with the research and manufacturing departments of some OEMs,\" said Blakely, suggesting that the Hirotec process could be on several 09-\'11 vehicles. --
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