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Magnetic steel manufacturers should be how to choose the magnet steel structural adhesive?

by:Maghard      2020-10-03
Magnetic steel manufacturers to remind when the choice, should pay attention to the following: 1. Where the adhesive material is what used to; Such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other metal bonding, or is to be used for motor magnetic steel, magnetic tile adhesive, etc. 2. How big is the size of the adhesive. 3. Bonding process is, what it's worth noting that, Such as surface bonding or socket, sizing time, cure time, and so on. 4. How many degrees is high and low temperature resistance, medium resistance requirements, etc. ; Long-term working temperature of 1000 degrees, for example, oil resistant, water resistant, etc. Therefore, when choosing magnetic steel structure adhesive to comprehensively consider the various factors, select the most appropriate magnetic steel structural adhesive to adhesive products in order to obtain the best effect of glue, if still don't know what kind of rubber magnet steel structure performance is the most appropriate, can provide professional consulting with glue solution company.
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