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magnetic trivia: four things to know about rare earth magnets

by:Maghard      2020-03-12
Darth Vader once quipped: \"This time the power is very strong . \".
Does that masked refer to Jedi power, or does he actually mean magnetic force?
In any case, the Jedi and the magnet have a strong pull
But in real life there is only one that really works: magnets.
More specifically, rare earth magnets, used in many applications, are found in many products.
There are four things to know about this fascinating magnet.
Rare earth magnets are strong permanent magnets composed of alloys and rare earth elements, including ase, nd, sm and 13 other elements.
It is reported that these elements were discovered in the 1800 s, but it was not developed in the United States until the late 60 th century. S.
The Air Force laboratory where Sm and cobalt produce maximum magnetic heterogeneity.
This means that the magnetic force is so large that the object being magnetized can resist the pulling force in another direction.
The effect is a bit like Angelina Jolie \"attracting\" Brad Pitt from her marriage to Jennifer Anniston.
The two most popular rare earth magnets are nd magnets and sm-cobalt magnets.
It is considered to be the strongest and more affordable one.
Electric motor for jewelry buckle, cordless tools, hard disk, etc.
Meanwhile, sm-
Cobalt is considered expensive and is commonly used by industrial manufacturers.
Cleaning technology developers and some automakers are reportedly looking to replace the permanent magnets they use.
According to Reuters, both GM and Toyota are working to reduce their use and dependence on rare earths.
In fact, Toyota has found a way to make electric cars without rare earth, and Renault has built electric cars that don\'t need permanent magnets.
However, the GM representative said the permanent magnet is still the best magnet to use.
Some interesting applications of rare earth magnets include roller coaster technology, stop motion animation, electric guitar pickup
Anti-magnetic levitation experiment, self-developed, ups, nd magnet toy
Electric flashlight, etc.
It is essential, beneficial and dangerous for some industries.
It needs to be handled with great care because when these magnets come together they split into pieces at a high speed.
Also, they squeeze hard when they come into contact with the skin.
But the world needs them.
No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing
Shake an electric guitar or ride a roller coaster
It helps to promote the development of things effectively.
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