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Magnetoelectric magnet custom-made the factory will only accept enterprise demand?

by:Maghard      2020-09-08
As a magnet manufacturer must be admitted that, 80% of the magnets custom orders are issued by companies, used in the production of enterprises to use, is mainly a auxiliary products. Although the magnetoelectric side magnets are customized demand of enterprise, but not monopoly said the magnet magnetic and factory will only accept enterprise magnet customized demand. A magnet manufacturers custom-made minimum quantity is not compromise, ordinary rectangular magnets 10000 minimum, circular 3000 minimum. For small groups or just started production for a start with the number of manufacturers cooperation does not reach the minimum quantity of an requirements, are required to pass through proofing confirmed before production. But magnetoelectric accumulated 10 years of experience in a manufacturing, spot size is also a lot of kinds, like their own design production of circular magnet magnetic, all kinds of the shape of the magnet bar magnet and other characteristics, and in recent years with more magnet size models are available for small batch customers such as magnets. If you have further understanding demand, can contact our magnetoelectric yo, our url /
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