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by:Maghard      2020-02-27
The characteristic of is permanent .
This means that their magnetism is always there and cannot be turned on or off like a .
Bar magnets have poles: the Arctic-usually shown as the Antarctic-is usually shown as a SOpposite (unlike)
Poles attract poles repel each other.
If the permanent is hit repeatedly, its magnetic field strength will be reduced.
Convert to non-
Magnets are called demagnets.
Magnets are made of magnetic metals such as iron, nickel and cobalt.
This is the only pure metal that can become a permanent .
Steel is an alloy of iron, so it can also be made into magnets.
If these metals do not become permanent magnets, they will still be attracted to them if placed in a magnetic field.
In this case they are like magnets
But only in the magnetic field.
This is what is called inductive magnetism.
A substance that can be permanently magnetized is described as a hard magnetic substance.
These alloys are usually alloys of iron, nickel and cobalt.
Substances that can only be temporarily magnetized are described as magnetic soft substances.
Alloys with less iron, nickel or cobalt will have soft magnetic properties and weak magnetic fields.
The alloy of iron is called Black, and the alloy without iron is called non-black. ferrous.
Test the you can\'t test where the is attracted, but you can test what it repels.
Objects made of unmagnetized iron, cobalt, and nickel are attracted to either pole of the , but are not excluded.
You can only prove that an object is a if it repels another .
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