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Magnets can sculpture character? 【 Magnet 】

by:Maghard      2020-08-29
Magnet, we generally think it is a kind of magnetic products, is commonly used in between the two with lron products do, magnet actually can also take the role of the adornment decorate, for example in the magnets do logo or sculpture. So the magnet how he sculpture on the surface of words? Let's discuss about the magnet. Magnet surface is relatively hard, carved with a knife doesn't work. So our magnet manufacturers tend to through the way of radium vulture words or patterns on the surface of the magnet. Radium carving effect than we use sharp objects carved effect is better, and is not affected by the surface hardness, we in the use of laser carving, must be a a magnet for radium vulture, not large quantities of synchronous radium vulture, otherwise it is easy to mismatch and unnecessary losses. The magnet can be carved on the surface words? Now we should be clear, we can use a laser engraving machine carved on the magnet, if you want to customize the magnet, you can contact us.
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